Saturday, June 10

Last Night's Party

Often, what is weird and uncomfortable at first ends up being quite pleasureable after a while, if you stick with it. Sports are always like that for me, and so was my high school reunion. Now, so was last night's blogger's bash, but I was not surprised at that. I arrived about an hour after it started (having opted for a shower after my flyer-hanging sweat-a-thon) and then hung out with Sarah from Lantana Project. I was just putting off going over to the table of middle-aged white guys as long as I could, though I knew I'd eventually have to make my way over there. In the meantime, I think a lesbian tried to pick me up. I could be wrong, of course, but straight women don't often introduce themselves to women who are complete strangers. She was sort of with the group, though, so maybe I made it all up in my head (she did give me her email, though).

So I finally wandered over to sit by the artbutcher (aka Dwayne). As David (aka WestTN Liberal) noted, "conservatives come early & leave early, and the liberals come late & stay late," which is how I prefer it. Suppose that's cause I'm a liberal, right? I knew ML and Lindsay wouldn't make it, having recently resigned from the blogosphere, but I was sorry Brandon and Paul didn't show up, or Rachel #2, or Sarah---or or any other girls besides me for that matter---but I'm sort of glad Charly wasn't there as I suspect she would be exhausting to be around. Everyone there was pretty low-key, except for the charming autoegocrat. I thought for a moment he was going to lose it, and it was going to be all my fault (forgot what it was I said as his reaction was so much more spectacular than whatever provoked it), but luckily the explosion was over as quickly as it began.

Some discussion was had on the gender issue, i.e. Why don't women seem to blog as much as men? The general consensus was that xanga & livejournal-type bloggers don't consider themselves true bloggers per se. I also think women bloggers may be less likely to show up to an even which is:

A. Dominated by middle-aged white guys, and

B. Likely to expose them to stalking.

Not that I think I'm exposed to stalking as a result of going to the P&H last night, or even as a result of blogging, period. But I think many people think the internet is another area where women should be too afraid for their physical safety to speak up. I think that because that is the first thing about half the people to whom I mention my blog ask me. Then they ask where to find it. (Duh, if I've just met you, and you mention stalking, am I likely to help you stalk me? just kidding, I tell some people). Unfortunately, that sort of fear works on a lot of us.

There were some other noticable gaps in attendance as well. Neither Phillip nor Joseph (who is on hiatus) attended, and they are two other non-political fellow bloggers---Dwayne & I were certainly holding down that minority. I'm still sorry I missed the last one, but I always seem to be out of town when they hold these things. I was glad to finally meet Brock---who doesn't look like a Brock at all, more like a Steven or Allen to me---and to see the Freedonian again, who added one to the liberal mix. There were many others I didn't get a chance to chat with, so I'm voting for another one in 2-3 months (rather than waiting 6 this time).


Wintermute said...

Nice to have met you, sorry I didn't get to talk and forgot to give you my card.

Fear of flying is now fear of stalking?

David Holt said...

Good to see you there. Sorry that I got caught up with the Cracker, Brassmask, Jackson Baker, etc. and never made it to your end of the table. I'll have to remedy that next time.

Serrabee said...

Yes, and hopefully next time will be sooner rather than later!

mike said...

It was nice to meet you, SerraBee. How about early August for next time?

I kinda hate that the liberal political blogger guys self-segregated, but that happens at these things. And I'd also love to see more non-white guy bloggers as well. Maybe next time.

David Holt said...

Don't tell me a libertarian is trying to regulate seating? Next thing you know, he'll be calling for single-payer healthcare. August sounds great.

dwayne said...

august is fine with me
it will give me plenty of time
to make some shit up
on my blog
which now
thanks to the bloggers bash
i know how to do now

serrabee - i needed a walk out myself
i was as drunk as i have ever been
maybe i should not have went to murphys and alexs tavern afterwards
oh well

Serrabee said...

Okay, early August it is, at a place not having another event at the same time, without assigned seating, and with the buddy system for walk-outs.
How does that sound?

Papa said...

Sounds good.

Philip said...

Wow, I can't believe I got called out like that. Sorry I didn't make it. I totally forgot about it when I scheduled the fishing trip. I want to come to the next one. Let's make it early August prefootball season. I'd love to be there.

autoegocrat said...

You think you got called out, bro? At least she didn't think you were going to blow your top.

At least I'm charming when I'm about to lose it. I didn't think I got all that riled up, to be honest.

Serrabee said...

Well, I'd hate to see you get really upset about something, autoegocrat! Although there is something charming about that much passionate intensity in one place.

Glad everyone seems to be ready for another round in a couple of months. Maybe we will be the only group meeting this time.

mike said...

"Passionate intensity" is autoegocrat to a tee. You should have seen him at the bash at Quetzal. He did get pretty wound up at that one. :-)

Philip said...
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