Monday, March 20

Round 3

Since you are all so fascinated with the dating game I call my life, here's the scoop from this weekend: While I was out Fri. night for sushi & Cory Branan's show, conversation with a friend led me to re-think Sat. night's scheduled date with #2. As I have said, I hate first dates anyway, but something happened during our conversation Thurs. to make me really doubt the wisdom of meeting this guy for dinner. Yes, he said the unthinkable: He goes to church! Not Sunday services, which would be worse, but a weekely lunch where they preach at you while you're eating in exchange for cheap food. It's like the missions for the working stiffs. Any of you who know me probably also know my aversion for religion in most forms and realize what a bid deal that is for me not to talk about. So my friend got me thinking that I shouldn't really go out with someone if I didn't feel free to be completely honest about stuff, because I am so incapable of obfuscation about the big stuff. But I had the much-dreaded date with him anyway. I woke up Sat. and thought, 'What was all the fuss about last night? Were you maybe just looking for a way to get out of it? It would be really crappy to back out on the day of the date anyway.' And we had a great time after all, staying out for 4 hours, and even going for another drink after dinner. He's so sweet, as cute as his picture, and a very stable guy. We have a lot in common, but not everything: When I went on to the Deli, he went home. My friend MC said she didn't approve of him for going home early. We shall see if he can be persuaded to go for some late-night live shows or one of MC & JG's famous all-night cookouts (if he sticks around that long). And luckily the feared call from #1 never came, and he's on his way to Chicago now (whew!) so I don't have any 'splainin to do.

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Greg said...

Aww, he just sounded a little nerdy. My wife and I had this problem when we first met. She had a couple MCs of her own who didn't approve, but I just wasn't a night owl. We found ways to work around it. So don't give up on the nerds! We're good people! Still... I hope Round 4 works better for you.

(Like your blog, by the way.)