Tuesday, March 14

except for the typo, I endorse this message

I'd go if I had some money & didn't already have plans... how 'bout you go & tell me how it was? Cause I'm going out Friday night, whether or not I can find anyone to go see Cory Branan with me. Of course, everyone else in Midtown will be out pub crawling or camped out afterward at Murphy's for the St. Paddy's Day Celebration (which, apart from the live heavy-metal karaoke, just doesn't do it for me this year). So, I don't have a date for Friday, is what I'm sayin'. I do for tomorrow, though, so I'll be sure to let you know what happens (it's casual, just a coffee date, with a guy who's new to Memphis & knows my cousin from school). Or doesn't happen, if ya knowhaddamean. Wink, wink---nudge, nudge. Just kidding! (Do you know I actually heard a girl on campus say "J/K" yesterday?! Yeah, she said it IRL. Ha ha.) Other bits & pieces of my life:
  • Found out today my boss is leaving at the end of this moth. Sucks for me but she did say she'll put in a good word with the head of HR, who I got to meet today as well, so something might come of it. Other than that it was a good day at work... and I had a lovely lunch of spanikopitas at Sean's Deli. Yum. It's a good damn thing, too, cause I didn't get dinner until just now. Grrrr. (That was my tummy growling, naturally.)
  • I actually just got home at 9:30 tonight. Gone 14 hours & what do I have to show for it? Nada. I went to a friend's Mary Kay Cosmetics event. Seriously! Me. I'm the least Mary-Kay-ish girl I know. (Except for my friend whose name is Mary K, which is kinda ironic. Okay now I'm babbling but I really am just tired.)
  • I did see some old friends for the first time in a while at the event---and I did get a haircut after work, and saw another friend at the same time, so all is not lost. Plus I got a call from Bachelor #1 as well (to see if I wanted to "watch a movie" at his place---yeah, right!) so the day was not a total waste. Even though Serrabee does not accept last minute date invites with a man she has known for a month or less, as I am not that sort of girl, I like getting the calls anyway.
  • Unless they are from my ex. Yes, he's back---not in Memphis but in Nashvile, which is almost as bad. Let's just hope he has no reason to visit here & I hear little or nothing from him. I did leave a bag of his crap on the porch for him to pick up on his way thru town last night while I was out with the girls (had the world's largest sandwich at the Deli---the Yankee Club---and heard the band do a sound check while the all-ages crowd self-consciously filtered in). So he came & went without me having to pawn him off with an excuse. I really didn't realize how well this week has been going until right at this moment.
ps Sorry for the length of this post (as you know I don't read past the first paragraph unless it's a very, very good post---which this is not) and for any typos I may have inadvertently made.

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Shae said...

Is that so? Damn, now I feel all this pressure to perform in the first graph...


Glad to see you're doing well!