Sunday, June 19

I'm getting married

Just as soon as my husband-to-be dumps his current girlfriend, that is. Yeah, right. We've only met a handful of times but I'd run away with him in a heartbeat. And he's not really that handsome, objectively. I am totally smitten. I haven't had a crush on someone in forever. It's weird to return to middle school so unexpectedly now that I'm 30. I saw him at a cookout last night, after avoiding him the whole time I was dating someone else because I was afraid I could get myself into trouble. But now he is dating someone else. My timing just isn't working out well right now. So he drove me home and we talked, for a very long time, about the whole situation. He says he should have kissed me when we first met despite the fact that I was dating someone (living with, actually). How can you meet someone once and want to dump a perfectly good relationship for them? He told me he stayed single for months after he met me cause he didn't want to be involved with someone else. I don't know if I believe that. He also said he thinks about me a lot. How can you be in a committed relationship and be thinking about another person all the time? That just wouldn't work for me. It was nice to know that it's hard for him too. Of course, he is still dating her so it can't be that hard. Why would he break up with someone he's been dating for 3 months to go out with someone he's met 3 times? Well, she just can't be as fabulous as I am. Who is?

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