Friday, March 17

Round 2

So once again, I have a date Sat. night which I am already dreading. I hate first dates on a good day; on the week when one date turns out to be gay (or so gay-acting that I cannot imagine dating anyone even half as gay-acting) it just makes it that much tougher to muster any excitement. I am a worrier at heart; the good thing about not having any time to myself this week is that there's less time for worry. In fact, there's not been much time for thought this week, either. But one thing I have thought about is protesters: what is their best strategy for attention? I saw a guy at the corner of Union & McLean this week wearing a sombrero, and thought: Now, that's a great protest strategy. Only he wasn't protesting at all---he was drumming up business for the Mexican restaurant inside whatever that grimy hotel on the corner calls itself these days. But I still think it would be a good thing for the anti-Iraq war protest group at Central & East Parkway to experiment with. What costumes get them the most honks, therefore the most attention for the cause? No price should be too high if you're going to make standing on a corner at the @ss-crack of dawn every day worthwhile. Sombreros, yes, but think big: Star Wars costumes, period clothing, the Village People, Superheroes, whatever gets the most looks. And change every so often to keep us interested.


Karen McL said...

Good GAWD.. I thought that was picture of yer DATE! (Till I read the the entire post. Hahhahahaha! that would be something to write HOME about! Yikes.)

Serrabee said...

Not sure that guy would fit thru a doorway.... But I guess I should watch my stream-of-consciousness posting from now on!