Monday, March 27

This week is a weak one

Not much going on in Memphis this week. It's just as well as I have a project and two tests (3 if you count my online course). Plus, it was a big weekend, between the fraud that was the NCAA tourney game, The Secret Service's & the BoKeys' CD release parties, plus V is for Vendetta opening. That movie looks good, though I may not have time to see it until I'm 50. Anyone who's anyone will be at Wed.'s premiere of "My Memphis" at[UPDATED] Malco Paradiso. [I was thinking East Mphs & typing Midtown---thanx, Paul!.] If I can get there in time, I will add myself to the list of notables in attendance. You KnoxVegas fvck3rs are lucky. In one night you have both Lucero w/The Glass at Blue Cat's AND Drew Holcomb upstairs at Patrick Sullivan's (for those of you with hearing damage, this is bound to be a quieter show than the other). Anyone who hears about fun stuff going on, do share. Otherwise I'm camping out at home this weekend to recover from the basketball blues.


Paul Ryburn said...

Hey Serrabee-

I think the My Memphis premiere is at Malco Paradiso (in the Poplar/Mendenhall area near Wild Oats), not Studio on the Square.

I'll probably see you there tomorrow night...

When you hear about projects like this, do you think, "This is the kind of project MpactMemphis should have been doing the past two years"?

Serrabee said...

You're right, I had a momentary lapse of geography :-0
I totally agree... precisely why I haven't felt too bad about abandoning them these past few months (or is it years now?). There just hasn't been any momentum to speak of, sadly.