Monday, March 20

Regarding my future husband:

I had an inquiry into the status of the man I ill-fatedly named my husband-to-be last summer after linking it to today's earlier post. Yeah, he's engaged now, so that's definitely off the front burner, to say the least. In an oh-so-cheesy romantic gesture he proposed to his gf on V-Day. Yick. Maybe we weren't meant to be after all; I'd have laughed in his face! In other news, today I made plans to have the 2nd date with #2. I'm thinking something non-traditional, like taking the dog to the park or playing pool... any suggestions on a non-cliche, anti-dinner & a movie, non-conforminst 2nd date? UPDATE: *crickets* Y'all aren't a very inventive bunch, are you? *crickets* UPDATE: I must take that back---lawnmower racing? WTF!!

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rolfy said...

How about lunch and a play? It follows the "food followed by entertainment" theme so could be considered conformist.

Forget pool, what about billiards?

My personal favourite though is lawn mower racing - I can't believe there isn't an international chapter for this kind of thing

Bon chance