Monday, March 20

Workin for tha weekend

Forgot to post this update on the oh-so-exciting weekend events (pardon me)--- Fri. night: Although I enjoyed Cory's show, I had not read the interview in the Flyer with him when I went---and so I didn't realize the "new" CD was a bunch of old music with some other stuff thrown in. I do feel for him on his troubles getting this new album out (it has taken 4 years to do). Sat. night: You already heard about the date, but after that The Ponys' show at the Young Ave. Deli was good with the exception of Vending Machine (they really brought down the tempo & made us want to yawn) and the brevity of The Ponys' set. Detachment Kit was good but too loud, partially made up for by the fact that they are such cuties. Although it reminded me of that scene in Valley Girl when Nick Cage takes whatshername to the punk club, it was good to have the girls together for a night on the town. We must do it again sometime soon!

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