Wednesday, March 15

wouldn't it be lover-ly

So, I had a nice time on my "date" with my cousin's friend. We have lots in common! Too much, perhaps, including playing on the same team. If I can tell he's gay, how can he not know? Anyway---we have another contestant coming up on Saturday, so I'll let you know if sparks fly then (don't get your hopes up yet). I also forgot to mention that Bachelor #1 actually won't be leaving town until Sunday, so things could get awkward if he calls and I'm at dinner with Bachelor #2. Or not. I suppose I don't need to be 100% honest at all times... I can just say I was at dinner & leave it at that, right? In stranger news, I saw a professor in the locker room tonight, wearing her swimsuit. Weird that I was compelled to look away as you do when you see someone changing into her sports bra. It was perfectly decent coverage, but somehow it just seemed... indecent to see her like that.


Chris Lawrence said...

"If I can tell he's gay, how can he not know?"

Ouch. Well, maybe he'll figure it out on his own.

ml said...

Denial, it ain't just a river in Egypt.

Serrabee said...

"Well, maybe he'll figure it out on his own."
Or maybe he'll find out by reading my blog! ;-)

dwayne said...

what a way to find out ones orientation. reading about it on your dates blog. I LOVE IT!!!