Thursday, March 2

Little Green Men

I hadn't heard of the Army Men Project until I got an email from the folks at Drinking Liberally, who I'm always intending to meet on Thursday nights (but somehow it never happens---you know how that goes). I really like the idea of protesting in gentle ways that are not confrontational, because I think that people are least likely to change when they are bullied. Smart people, anyway. So, get out there with your Chinese-made army figurines and make me proud. It's better than those sad cold people at the corner of Central & East Parkway at 7:30 every morning with their handmade (and hard to read) No War In Iraq! posters. They just make me shake my head in something like shame. No one is going to honk at you at that hour, and if they do you have done nothing but annoy other people.


Karen McL said...

Ohhh - I have some of these *Little Green Men*!

Need to take a few pics TOO.


Jon said...

Followed this link from follow-the-brush, and I just wanted to say I don't think this army man thing is a good idea. People won't know what the soldiers stand for, and they're litter if you just leave them around random public places. Sorry to be negative, but while I might appreciate the sentiment, I think the execution is poor. Much like the anti-smoking customer in Clerks(tm) was only protesting smoking to advocate his chewing gum, I would not be surprised to find that this protest was started by some clever salesman at the little plastic army-man corporation. At least you can read the signs on the corner at 7:00am and know what is being protested. Army men are just going to melt in the sun, get tripped on, or be choked on by some toddler.

Serrabee said...

You didn't read the site, I suppose. You put stickers on them saying "bring them home" and leave them places where people will find them. Not at the homes of toddlers. And they are so cheap it would be hard to make any money off them. I think it's a great way to get the message across. Anyway, got any better ideas?

sarah said...


Thanks for the Drinking Liberally plug and for mentioning the Army Men project on your site. I hope you can make it by Dish some Thursday night for Drinking Liberally. We have actually made up lots of little baggies of army men with the labels already applied to hand out to interested liberal drinkers.

The labels on the army men have the mouthswideopen website address in addition to saying "Bring Me Home," so that someone picking up the little guy can go learn all about the project.

Hope to meet you some Thursday