Saturday, March 25

World-Record-Breaking Naptime

I took the longest nap ever last night---at least for me---I slept from about 8 last night till almost 7 this morning. Yikes! I was supposed to wake when my alarm went off to get ready for dinner with mL at the new place in Cooper-Young (forgot the name but it has a neon fish on the side*). So I missed the Lantana auction, Organ Thief, and my supper. Not like I went hungry or anything, because I was asleep, but I am a bit peckish now. Me, me, me---this blog has been really Serrabee-centered for the past couple of weeks (or months?). It's as if between my job & my classes, I only have time left for a small slice of social life on the side. I've totally eschewed world events, local politics, and social issues lately. I just can't squeeze concern for anything else into my busy schedule these days---which is, I assume, only temporary, as I am a lifelong Concerned Citizen of the World---and it makes for a short-sighted blog. As long as y'all know I'm not really like that. Speaking of which, I'm starting up a salon with some friends of mine. We have our first official meeting in a couple of weeks (by which time I'll be 31---w00t!) over brunch. On the table will be any issue affecting our lives, excluding dating and apparel (that looks like a misspelling, but I promise it's not---had to look it up!). I'm asking everyone to bring a newspaper clipping or magazine story (yes, or blog entry!) they want to discuss. Feel free to steal that idea from me, since I've stolen it from a former associate already. Someone asked who'd be "in charge" of the group, and I told her it was totally egalitarian. I hope to stick to my personal promise to myself not to take over---although if it turns out to need a leader I'm totally willing (I even bought a book from Utne on how to do it). Anyone have advice for us on how to do it, pitfalls, whatever? Email me at serrabee at hotmail dot com. Danke schon. *Soul Fish


Shae said...

Fun fun! Though some of us blog because our Salon-worthy friends are scattered all over the place - hence no actual Salon. :(

Let us know how it goes!

Greg said...

Wow, that IS a long nap! I took a five hour nap today and felt like I had really accomplished something, but now I see I could still do so much better... (BTW, I love the blog.)