Monday, March 13

my so-called love life

After a dry spell... I guess I'm back in the game. The dating-around game, that is. I have 3 dates lined up for this week (in case anyone is still interested in my love life). Once again, I am in the predicament of who to tell what & how much to tell him. I think as little as possible is called for in this situation; after all, I think until The Conversation is had, everyone involved needs to assume no one is exclusive these days. I have a coffee date, dinner plans, and tentative hangin' out scheduled over the next several days. I'm feeling tired already... it must be known I'm not the best at meeting new people. As a result it's not my favorite thing to do, either. I will also need to call in the girls for a recap & assessment sometime in there. It would be nice to have them there to coach me like Cyrano. Except without the schnoz. So I'll let you know how it goes with Bachelor #3 this week & Bachelors 2 & 1 this weekend. I'm sure you're dying to hear about my so-called love life.


ml said...

It's raining men. Hallelujah! It's raining men. Whoaaaohhh.

Len said...

Those of us with no love lives have to live vicariously through you. Don't disappoint us. ;-)