Thursday, March 9

Special Announcements

I am still out of town this week (doing the family thing) but I thought I'd drop a few hints to those of you not priviledged to be a myspace friend as to what I'll be doing when I return:
  • Cory Branan's CD release party is Friday (of next week, when I'll be back in Memphis) at the Hi-Tone. Don't know if it's any good cause I haven't heard any of his new stuff. The last time I saw him he played with Lucero's lead singer and they were both doing shots, so it wasn't exactly the best musical experience I've ever had. But unless you are going to see Wilco at the Ryman in NashVile, this is your best bet.
  • The Ponys play the Young Ave. Deli the next night, which will be a must-see for me since I missed them last year (can't remember why now, so it couldn't have been too important).
  • If you're up for a Monday night show, which I never am anymore, The Lights are playing the Deli then. If not, I think they also played the Hi-Tone on Sat. the 18th with some other bands---but if you went with my recommendation, you missed that show for The Ponys'.
  • On Weds. the 22nd, Nick Hornby of High Fidelity---About a Boy---Fever Pitch fame is speaking at the Rose Theatre on the U of M campus. I can't wait for that. I am bringing all my copies of his books to get signed!
  • Next weekend will bring Organ Thief and the Secret Service, though not at the same show, plus hopefully some nice weather.
I'm even better than the Memphis Flyer, cause I discriminate in my show listings...! Make your plans now. I have to look forward to all this because a friend is trying to get me to see a blues band tomorrow night. Seriously. Like I drove 400 miles to hear blues music being played in the foothills of the Smokies. I would rather hear a bluegrass band or some other form of pickin' and grinnin'. Incidentally, we went out earlier this week & happened up on the Chillbillies playing at 4620, which was a cool place for a jazz band... only this was some sort of miniature big band. Odd. But I guess we were lucky because they were supposed to have been closed that night. As a matter of fact, they did look at us kind of funny when we came in so perhaps it was a private affair... or maybe they didn't like our clothes (yes, they have a dress code---that is so 4 years ago!---Hey, maybe this town is catching up, since they used to be 5-7 years behind the rest of the country.). At any rate, I will update you on tomorrow's events when I get a chance.

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Hayden Jackson said...

I've heard the new Cory Branan CD and I'm happy to report that it is very good.