Wednesday, July 12

I am still laaazzzy...

Just not as lazy as these folks: They want people to hang posters for them for free for the Tom Waits show that goes on sale Friday:

We need to find some reliable people in the Memphis area who are willing to poster for us. We’d need a round of posters put up within the next couple of days, another wave toward the end of next week, and a final round the week of the show (which takes place August 4). We can’t give comp tickets to this show, unfortunately. We can provide some CDs and merchandise from various bands, or we can pay. ... Any ideas as to how we might find such people? We’d need them to keep a list of places where they postered and, if possible, take photos of some of the posters hanging in store windows or public places.
Yeah, I was too lazy to go golfing with my buddy W [not that W!] tonight, even though tomorrow is his birthday, but I'm not too lazy to hang my own posters.

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