Saturday, July 8

Days of the Living Dead

I know I said I'm feeling better, but it's on a relative scale. I still don't feel safe eating very many things as a result of my karmic flu, but I'm at least up & about. I started the dishwasher, then took out the trash, pulled a few weeds in the garden, and came back inside, exhausted. I still feel like I've accomplished a lot (compared to the past 2 days---as I said, it's all relative). I do have the housecleaners coming this week, though, so things have to be ship-shape. I hate when strangers see my house when I'm unprepared & it's a wreck. A while back a friend of mine (ML) was getting dropped off here by another friend (MC), and when the driver (MC) popped into my house for the first time ever, it was a complete wreck. Now every time I see her I think of that. Yeah, I'm a little obsessive. Just not about cleaning house.

This astral update comes from Paul:

If you're outside Sunday evening, look up at the sky. The space shuttle Discovery will pass over Memphis at 8:56 PM.

More here in case you're interested. Personally, I don't see the point in continuing to fly missions in decrepit & outdated birds while we're not making any intergalactic progress, but hey, I'm just a taxpayer.

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