Wednesday, July 19

My Favorite Dave

My favorite Dave arrives in town from Knoxville this weekend. We have known each other since 1st grade but I guess we were both too shy to be friends in high school. Plus, we had opposing nerd schedules: He was a Latin dork, I was a band geek; he had honors Chem, I had AP English. Like 2 ships passing in the night---if they are nerdy ships, that is.

Anyway, I love showing people around my adopted hometown. Here's the plan for this weekend so far:

Fri pm: We will probably grab a bite at either dish or Jasmine, mosey over to Otherlands to hear Blair Combest, then shoot down to the Summer Drive-in for the 2nd showing (and probably arrive in the middle of Pirates of the Carribean II). If we're still feeling lively, maybe he'll teach me some swing dancing steps.

Sat. am: Lately I just don't wake up hungry on weekdays. Maybe it is my stomach protesting that I don't take it to the Arcade for sweet-potato pancakes? That sounds like a great Sat. morning plan. Sightseeing at Sun Studios, which I've actually never seen, or Stax, which I have toured before.

This is probably going to be interspersed between lunch at a taqueria and dinner at Abyssinia, the Ethiopian place on Poplar, unless of course he wants to eat Central BBQ (one of my favorites!) while we're at Blues on the Bluff. The Bo-Keys, Last Chance Jug Band, and the Burnside Exploration. If I can drag him to Wild Bill's, I just might do that, but if not---there's always NTJ and the Secret Service at HiTone (if it's not hot enough for ya yet! cause you know how sweltering it can be there already).

I am worn out just writing about alla this.

Sun. am: We may take in an early brunch at one of my two fave places, either at Bosco's for the wonderful omlettes, or Rachel Ray's favorite: Brother Juniper's. Maybe we visit the new exhibit at the Brooks Museum, an Annie Liebowitz show, after which I'm sure he will be dying to get back on the road and take a break from my managing ways. I think I was a tour director in a previous life.


Freedonian said...

It's hard to go wrong with Juniper's. I love that place.

Sarah said...

I thought Juniper's was closed on Sundays.

Serrabee said...

Sarah said...
I thought Juniper's was closed on Sundays.

Not anymore; see Dining w/Monkeys.

Freedonian said...

Only time I've ever been is on Sundays. Some friends of mine like to go there after mass sometimes.