Friday, July 28

Serrabee's Weekend in KnoxVegas

So, I don't know if anyone in Knoxville will read this, but you should seriously check out some of these shows this weekend, because I can't make them all:

  • Pick up the Snake, Saturday Night Preacher & Absolute Power at the Electric Ballroom (I attended my 1st rave there around the weekend of my 18th birthday, if memory serves. A great space, but I'm not sure what they're doing with it these days. I'm sure it's still dark & loud.)
  • Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy, AJ’s Sports Bar in Maryville: Someone should check them out, cause I know I won't, but I like the name (not really like, but it catches the attention).
  • The Chillbillies, Coyote Joe’s, 10pm. $2: Sounds like a crappy venue, but I liked the band when I saw them this spring---sort of a smallish big-band jazz sound. And hey, it's only $2.
  • Mad Tea Party w/ Incredible Heat Machine, Preservation Pub, 10pm: What I am actually doing Sat. night. The Pub is surrounded by controversy these days, what with all the marijuana & money laundering, so I figure I'd better go there while I still can.


Philip said...

I hate to sound pushy, but when are we going to get the official date of the bash?

Philip said...

Yeah sorry if I pushed you, but I was just curious. After all we have Martin Luther King Jr day and Easter just around the corner.

RockGirl said...

I had NO idea we missed "Pimpin Ain't Easy". I'm a little upset about that...

I had fun this weekend. Looking forward to Friday night!!!