Friday, July 21

Dang it!

I just missed my opportunity to become Mrs Harlan T Bobo. A friend texted me that he was at Tha Lamplighter tonight, only my crazy phone didn't send the message thru til I got off my call (90 mins. later). I will just think of this as a sign. I don't really want an album like Too Much Love to be made about me; or rather, I don't really want to be involved in a realationship that would inspire those songs. Too much heart-stopping emotion went into those lyrics; you can hear the yearning and the desperation, the denial and angered misery that went into it as if they were happening at this moment. It's kinda like watching footage of Sept. 11th or seeing footage of Chernobyl, in that a sense of ineffable desolation and suffering seeps through your skin.

Okay, I know I'm tipsy when I start using words like "ineffable." Goodnite, y'all.

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BILL said...

I loved it on "How I met your Mother"
(is that the name of that tv show?-anyway)
when he's talking to this girl he's breaking up with, trying to explain why he's breaking up with her and he says at one point " It's.. ineffable".
And she says "What, so you're saying I'm not 'eff'able??"
HaHAaaaa! I laughed at that a lot.