Tuesday, July 25

Anxiously Awaiting?

Things are off to a rough start this week. It looks like I'll be driving to KnoxVegas tomorrow for a funeral (not an unexpected event). I know you are all anxiously awaiting a date for the blogger bash, but I have to check on availability and make sure I'll actually be back in town (so of course it won't be this weekend). It will decidedly be a Sun. night as that is what everyone has overwhelmingly voted on. As for location... I was actually waiting on RATC to follow up on the secret HiTone access she offered us, but it looks like everyone wants to do the Deli, and it also looks like several people decidedly don't want to make it the HiTone due to heat & ventilation complaints anyway. Well, I've got to motor if I'm going to make it to the funeral. I'll be in touch, y'all.

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