Tuesday, July 25

What I'm Missin'

Here's a brief listing of what I'm missing over the next few days out of the Mtown:

I wish I were going to be around this week/end for all the fun goings-on, but it can't be helped. Plus, I've had a great time here the past few days, even since my weekend officially ended. I went to Bosco's with a friend and discovered that they still have Folonari Pinot Grigio for 5.75/glass, though most of their other wines are up to $7 or 8 each. Their Biere de Garde (in bottles only, coming up on draft) is really fresh and sparkly, too, so try it next month. Last night took me to Cafe Ole with the flight attendant crew + others, and I finally got to try the watermelon margarita. Weird. It was compared to the Jolly Rancher martinis at Swig, which I think was apt. Fish tacos are awesome there, even if they don't make them right (you're supposed to use salsa fresca and cabbage, but this ain't Cali).


MarkGoodfella said...

All you liberal drinkers, be sure to stick around Thursday night after your gabfest for some good tunes. DJ Witnesse and I are winding down our long residency there, and we want to make this a big one!

Serrabee said...

Yah, but Organ Thief is at YAD that nite, too... but if this is your last week at dish, I guess that will be a big event.

newscoma said...

This is great information. I really would dig a "real" cabbage based fish taco.
Watermelon, huh?
sounds pretty damn good, even though I'm a beer girl.

Serrabee said...

I've actually thought about having a taco dinner, using shrimp and shark as the meat, making my own salsa, & using the cabbage. I think I'd serve lime margaritas, though (and a tip to making those at home is pour a can of beer into the blender for some foaminess). One watermelon margarita was more than enough (then I switched to Tecate).

Rachelandthecity said...

Holly Cole and Rae ray - was last weekend...great show.