Sunday, July 23


It's been busy here on my little planetoid. I had a weekend full of cultural experiences, that's for sure. I love entertaining people, especially those who are so accommodating and easy to please as My Favorite Dave. Not only did he not have a lot of preconceived notions about Memphis, he had a couple of great suggestions for stuff to do, which made my job as hostess easier. We spent all day Sat. at Elmwood Cemetary and the Mississippi River Museum, after a very tasty lamb lunch at Casa Blanca in Cooper-Young (including some window shopping which resulted in the purchase of 1 Harlan T. Bobo record, for his roommate).

Blues on the Bluff was great, even including some swing/blues dancing lessons atop the Chickasaw burial mound. I hope that wasn't offensive to them. If I didn't want to be cremated, I'd hope someone would come along hundreds of years later to dance on my grave. By the time he left Sunday, I felt like the day after Christmas.

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