Friday, July 7

New drug pt 2

Uggh, I have just found the other antidote to blogging: the stomach flu. Hard to sit upright at a computer when you're nauseated. I don't want to vomit on my keyboard, either.

Thank goodness I don't have the brunch to plan and host this Sunday. It's not that I mind having it at my house; in fact, that's one of the things I wanted to do more of when I bought it 6 years ago. But it was all I could do to eat a small bowl of cherries yesterday, and now I can't even watch food commercials during the soaps. I doubt I could shop & clean house properly to prepare, so it's just a great stroke of timing that things worked out this way. Now I hear that a friend who was supposed to be coming in town is changing his plans at the last minute, as well. Sweet. I have no obligations and nothing to do but get ready for the house cleaners, who are coming next week. Ya-hoo!

In related news of upcoming events, I intentionally scheduled the cleaners to come the week before my brunch, which is also a week before my Favorite Dave (not to be confused with the other Daves, of course) is coming to visit. I haven't had a houseguest in a little while, unless you count my cousin stopping by on his way to a family funeral last week (which obviously I don't). My problem isn't what we should do while he's here, it's what can we take off the list? I wanted to see Blair Combest at Otherlands, go to Blues on the Bluff, maybe visit the zoo's new Northwest Passage exhibit, and catch a movie at the drive-in, not to mention all the culinary adventures we could have. Help! I'm going to make him stay a week so we can fit it all in.


David Holt said...

That's what you get for being happy. Earl taught me about that. Something about Karma. Or was it Karl? Can't remember. Either way, is it just me or are there WAY to many Dave's in the world?

Serrabee said...

Yeah, I knew as soon as I said it that I shouldn't have said the "H" word. Twice.

Though I've always liked the name Dave, or David, it could be used less liberally. (No pun intended.)