Wednesday, July 12

Moving thoughts

I'm 31 now, so I've begun to think: Do I still want to be living in Memphis when I'm 41? The answer is always different, but it's the fact that I ask the question that makes me think of moving.

I really like it here, and I have a good group of friends I've developed over the past decade +, so it's a tough call. I really love my house, plus I'm now taking baby steps toward cultivating relationships on my block... but I feel like I need to create an environment for changing some of my habits & behaviors. I want to do stuff that I seldom have opportunity to do, and

But after talking to my cousin last weekend, who is contemplating moving out of his hometown, I realized it wouldn't be as easy as I thought.

People say wherever you go, there you are---and it's true. But it's not me I'm running from; it's a sort of energy-sapping attitude and negative energy that I've always realized Memphis has. It's like the one thing all Memphians have in common, and about the only thing we have in common with city expatriates. But it's not something that's conducive to change, positive thinking, or personal growth. It's an attitude that tells you "Let it go, give up, because there's no use, there's nothing you can possibly to do change the Memphis [politics/crime/traffic/racerelations/whatever]---so don't bother trying." It's pervasive and not very subtle.


theogeo said...

it's a sort of energy-sapping attitude and negative energy

I've struggled with this since I moved here a year and a half ago. It's such a peculiar mix of vibes. On the one hand you've got this amazing history-rich place with a genuine culture that's been exported all over the world. On the other hand, there's just badness everywhere, top to bottom.

It's tough to feel like you're moving forward in an environment like that sometimes. Like planning a future here is a major gamble.

Serrabee said...

I think that's most of it; we're living in our past. The problem is that this is the city that killed Dr King, sold Elvis, and hasn't been able to outshine big brother NashVile since 1960.
It's not the best past to be [re]living in.

Serrabee said...

Sorry, y'all, but this is my place to rantonly....