Monday, July 10

memphis . cool . movies

From John Beifuss & the CA:
"Indie films and "rockumentaries" will be screened this month at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art as the Overton Park institution continues its renewed commitment to movie programming. "The series continues at 2 p.m. July 16 with 'Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley,' a look at the too-short life of the singer-songwriter whose intensely devoted following has continued to grow since Buckley's 1997 drowning in the Mississippi River near Mud Island."
There's more, too. This was just my personal favorite choice; unfortunately, that is brunch day---so I'll either have to cut things short, kicking everyone out in time to go, or move it elsewhere & leave early to make the film. I loved Jeff Buckley; one of my regrets that year was only catching him once at the old Barrister's where he played every Thursday or something. Folks, that is one lesson to be learned for use when you're older: you can't ever go back, so when you have the chance to stay out late & see great rock'n'roll, DO IT! even if it's on a weeknight. [via]


Kyle said...

Argh!! "Amazing Grace" finally plays somewhere remotely close to Nashville and we have other plans! That's the last time I let Pepper accept plans two months in advance. There is something to said for last minute plans. Let me know how it is.

Serrabee said...

Maybe I can sneak a video recorder in & bootleg it for you. I'm sneaky like that, ya know... .