Sunday, May 28

you may congratulate me now

It honestly is the simple things in life. I am blogging from my front porch on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, looking forward to my first movie in months, followed by a wingoff and 80's night. Life is pretty good right now.

I officially got the job I wanted, without even filling out an application. I'm just that desirable as an employee, I suppose. Actually, I even wrote the job description for it, demonstrating my desirability as an employee who will bring everyone's job descriptions into line. Yes, folks---I have the most-coveted position of technical writer. Covted by me, anyway. I remember my dad (a scientist) telling me that's what I could do when I grew up. That was before I even started high school. Wow, what insight from a scientist type!

But what I am also happy to report is this is the place I've done my internship this semester, so that not only do they already know they want to keep me on (a boost to my professional ego), but I also know what a great place to work this will be. I've realized in the past 8 or 10 years that at least as much as what I do, I have to like where I work & the people I work with. Which is not something they tell you when you're in school, though it should be. Maybe I'm more inclined this way than others, but it's an essential ingredient in my workplace satisfaction. I could be happy employed in lots of different fields, sectors, capacities, etc., but not unless I'm working for an employer with its priorities in the right place. So, at any rate, I'm happy to report that I don't have to send out 20 resumes or move away at this point. Whew!


RJA said...

Thanks for the correction and the link. My sister will be at the wing-off. Can't make it to the bash - I've got my hands full here.

BILL said...

Congrats baby. You're awesome!
Karns Beavers rule!!!;)

Memphis Word Nerd said...

Go, SB! I'm so glad that you got the job.