Wednesday, May 10

Graceland, Hipsters, and Urf!

I don't know what I expected, but I watched American Idol this week just in case they actually showed any footage of Memphis. The didn't, unless you count the inside of Graceland. I don't. They did call Elvis the original American idol, though, which is a disturbing thought in light of the "talent" that has emerged from the show so far. Pardon me if anyone is writing her or his own music, but it mostly sucks---it even sucks when they cover stuff. I'm not watching that show anymore.

Is there art somewhwere here at the Art Butcher? I think hipsters are a combination of art and circus clownery, but that's just me. I must say, I really like Dwayne's latest work, and I'm sorry I missed the artaritas (out of towners again, sorry!). Quit waiting & start getting busy---it's my new mantra.

If you have a moment to spare in your oh-so-busy day at work, I've added a new name to the blogroll: Urf!, a blog which breaks my rule of linking only established local blogs (I have no control over the Rocky Top Brigade). Anyway, check him out while he lasts) on subjects like "when will the wanting [of his children] end?" and my personal favorite, "using time travel to impress your family and freak strangers out."

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