Wednesday, May 24

It seems that blogs really begin to take a hit in the summertime; as we get more fun things to do outside, we let the hours of web-surfing go. Except for the political bloggers (who either don't have any fun stuff to do outside, or have an unhealthy addiction). Of course, we'll all be back in a couple of months when the heat gets to a place where it melts the soles of our discount department store footwear to the parking lots. Around about July 4th, I'd say.

Meanwhile, I'll let you in on a little secret: I am going into hiding. Not for a federal crime, at least this time. It's in anticipation of my June schedule---when I'll have to start getting up by 6AM daily, and that's only if I shower at night instead of in the morning. If I want to make it, I've got to start training now. It's like a marathon to a night owl.

I forgot to mention my trip to Pei Wei earlier this week. My co-workers, who never go to lunch together unless it's someone's bday or last day of work or something, wanted to try it. Who am I to break up the party? It was amazing. But the amazing thing was not so much the food as it was the coworkers' reaction to it. They all loved it, in fact so much so that after we'd been back at the office a few hours 2 of them went & ate their leftovers.

So, the upshot is that it was good, they gave us lots of food, and I'm sure we'll return before someone else quits or has a birthday. Reasonable prices, too---it's like a cheaper PF Chang's (you order when you walk in, pay, get your drink, and sit down---they bring the food to you). Still haven't tried Soul Fish but that is next on my lunchtime list.

I am trying to work on my yard this week, but I'll be back with reports on Grisanti's, X3 (The Last Stand, whatever that means), and Dwayne's Wingoff---assuming all goes well & I actually make it to 3 events in 3 days.


newscoma said...

Understanding on the schedule from Dante's Inferno.
Where, perhaps, is this blogger meet in Memphis? All I know is Madison Ave.
I'll try to come.
Like my Memphis bloggers and love beer at the Saucer. (Draft fan!)
Hope all is well in Midtown.

Len said...

I suspect that "X3: The Last Stand" means that this is the last of the planned X-Men movie adaptations (Hollywood being Hollywood, if X3 makes a couple kajillion bucks at the box office in the first weekend, they'll have no problem coming up with a reason to do Yet Another Sequel). At least, that's what Bryan Singer planned when he undertook the X-Men project, but that's before he bailed to direct "Superman Returns".

When Singer bailed, Brent Ratner (interestingly enough, Ratner was the original director of "Superman Returns") took over the X-Men project, and Lord only knows what (if anything) he has planned for the franchise. If the advanced critical buzz I've seen is any indication, he shouldn't have to worry about what to do with it next; the consensus seems to be that X3 seriously fails to meet the quality standards of the first two films in the series.

I'll go see it, I'm sure (hell, I wasted four hours of my life on the two "Matrix" sequels), but I'm steeling myself for a disappointment.

mike said...

The bloggers bash is at the P&H Cafe on Madison (west of Madison and Avalon), on Friday, June 9th, starting at 7PM. Some may get there a bit earlier.

Serrabee said...

Len, I think you figured it out: this will leave enough X-[wo]Men alive to follow up with a sequel. It's anyone's guess what the focus will be, however.