Tuesday, May 23

Whipping post

So, I've slacked lately. I admit it, sitemeter shows it, and my readers are clamouring for more. (Okay, the last is a lie.) Not only have I been busy, my computer is having technical difficulties (for which I blame Microsoft, as usual), and of course I was out of town last week as well.

My officially responsibility to you today is to pass along the word about the next Memphis Blogger Bash. Sometime after the workday ends Friday, June 9th P&H Cafe Be there or be a parallelogram. I may just make it this time!

I will return to you as soon as my pc allows it with further interesting details of the inner workings of my brain. Be not afraid. Meanwhile, check out my blogroll or something.


dwayne said...

the date is june 9th
not june 3rd
just so people wont show up
at the wrong time

Serrabee said...

Well, crap! I just may be out of town then... have to see what I can do about that.

Len said...

You have to make it, now that I'm not going anymore (since I no longer blog...).

Collin C. said...

We may show up....
Does the P&H have a corkage fee? :)

Collin C. said...

hey...how do you submit your site to Rockytopbrigade.org?

Serrabee said...

You can email Johnny: tech @ rockytopbrigade.org with your info.
Good; we need more West TN people to represent (think the name is a turnoff?).