Thursday, May 4

I got nothin'

I've just finished all my finals & I have company coming in town tomorrow, so it's going to be a while until I have something interesting to share with you again. I am legitimately busy, so don't be mad. I don't even have time to go out with any of my boyfriends, two of whom called today. I think I shall call them BOREfriends instead, because they have become tiresome. As in: I am too busy for borefriends. Yeah, I like the sound of that.

So often these days, I find myself thinking of imponderables in the shower, or doing laundry, or driving around. I feel like I'm driving around a lot lately. Which reminds me: you don' t have to thank me, but I just lowered gas prices again. How did I do it? Filled my tank up Tues. night at $2.84. Today I looked & it was $2.79 at the same damn place.

Other deep thoughts:

  • Drugs aren't legal in Mexico anymore. Any drugs I'd want to do, that is---and then some. I'm sure you can still easily buy things there you can't get without a scrip here. I just hope there was some under-the-table deal between the US & Pres. Fox, or he's a wuss.
  • Commercial I'm hating right now is the new one for Heineken featuring that Pussycat Dolls song. I hate that "band"---for lack of a better term. Don't cha? They are even on MySpace video now.
  • Somehow I don't have time to blog, but I've got time for MySpace. How sad---it's like the brainless version of blogging.
  • I'll be down at the Music Fest all weekend, or as much of it as I can tolerate (between the rain, rednecks, and 80's/90's music, that is). Doesn't it suck that the people blogging about it seem to be too cool to go? Not I! But I won't be blogging it, so get your sorry @$$es down there.


theogeo said...

I must be some sort of 19-year-old Harvard sophomore author or something, cuz I TOTALLY ganked your entry title without even realizing it.


Sincerest apologies!

Philip said...

I have to ask, are we all getting so old now that we don't appreciate music fest anymore? Maybe they should change the lineup to be more diverse. Or at least get some ridiculously badass acts that will blow our minds. I think they need to get some colaboration acts. Or would that just steal Bonnaroo's gig?

Serrabee said...

I think festivals are not as much fun as we get older, but then again this year's lineup can't compete with last year's on any level---diversity, immediacy, uniqueness.

On a related topic, we unanimously decided this weekend that 22 is the cutoff age for doing keg stands...!

Philip said...

Thank you for letting me know about the cutoff age. I am glad I am 4 years over it so I can keep doing it.

To be honest, I was glad I could actually still hold myself up by one hand after all that drinking.

Serrabee said...

Quite impressive! I doubt I could do that sober.