Wednesday, May 10


So I was already in my pajamas, tucked away in my bed for the night, when I smelled smoke.

Cigarette smoke. From my neighbor! Please, Mr. Chin, quit smoking, hacking, hurking, and spitting loogies in your driveway at 11:00 at night. Your driveway happens to be 2 or 3 yards away from my bedroom. The retching sounds are not helping me sleep. Neither are the phone calls I'm no longer taking from Mr. Not So Gentlemanly. Anyone who knows me knows better than to call me late, and I never had to actually spell it out for you.

I also talked to the ex-bf and am happy to report that I most definitely won that relationship war, if a relationship is a war (which, along with most of the poets of the ages, I happen to think it is). He is miserable without me and I am happy without him. SO, I win!


Shae said...


Philip said...

I'm sorry about that insomnia. I hate smoke unless I'm stuck in a bar and don't smell it. I really wish we would have to put in patios and/or divided smoking/nonsmoking sections in all bars. That would rock.

Just remember that in dealing with any extinguished relationship, clean living is the best revenge.

Karen McL said...

Relationship detente?

Hmmm....well if ya gots to Win that Cold War then ya gots to WIN.