Monday, May 8

As predicted...

Here's the 1st installment of my weekend recap, which will not be just BSMF stuff as it just wasn't all that exciting this year. Musically, that is: The weekend was still a blur of bands, bars, boys and beer. I just realized all my favorite words all start with B.

First let me preface events by explaining that I was hostess to out-of-towners this weekend, so not my usual free-spirited self. Not that it's not better to have partners in crime; you just have to agree on what sort of antics and shenanigans you're up for collectively. I think it was a good think that my friends are both married now & perhaps a little calmer than they were in the early 90's when we were hanging out at the Overton Square Silky's and college-style house parties. Not that we didn't crash a kegger Saturday night... but I digress.

We did a late lunch at Celtic Crossing on Friday afternoon, which was perfect weather-wise. Once we made it down to Tom Lee Park it did get a little chilly, but we had supplies in our tiny backpack. I wish we'd tried to smuggle a bottle of liquor in this year like we did the last time Blues Traveler played BSMF, cause we look so respectable now they didn't even check. Or maybe I just looked particularly charming. Or was showing more cleavage than I thought.

But I didn't try to even bend the rules, so we played fair and bought our beers from the umbrella people until the lines got too long and we took a break. All this time, of course, we're listening to music, going between the Blues Tent, Jason Mraz, Big Star, Robert Randolph (although we unfortunately got there too late for the Central Standards and Augustine). Still left us plenty of time for Bryan Adams & Train. As if I'd have planned that! That's the way those things happen, though, and it was still great fun.

Honestly, though I jest, Train did a great cover of "Ramble On" that I never expected. I was actually impressed; of course, I couldn't see that guy's face, either, which is what disturbs me most about this band. To be fair, what disturbs me most about Bryan Adams is his music and the complete lack of soul. Which is worse? I'll tell you---it's all the couples slow dancing and making out in the back of the crowd while he played. Either than or the women I saw so drunk that they were literally carried out of the park or propped up until their bodies could process all the Budweiser they'd spent the first 3 hours of the festival funnelling.

I had one of my last alcohol-related 'firsts' that night as well. We actually let some underaged kids convince us to buy them SoCo Hurricanes. Seriously. They started telling us if we got in trouble not to worry cause one of their dads works for the teevee lawyers. And one of them kissed me for it, too, which kindof makes me a prostitute, if you think about it.

That's all for now as I am off to Cafe Ole to meet my neighbor & her friend for drinks & dinner (some of my other favorite things start with D, apparently).

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