Thursday, May 18

Serrabee OTR

That's me "on the road," not "on the rocks"---although it sounds delicious. Not sure what would be in that one... I once invented a drink called the Roman Coke. It was pretty tasty but it was so late/early that I neglected to write down the recipe.

My point was that I'm unusually quiet because I'm out of town once again. I drove to KnoxVegas last Friday and plan to be back in town next Friday for PorkFest. I've been gardening, cooking for/with the family, playing with my niece, learing to handle firearms, and generally taking it easy---so I've been pretty quiet here as well, though I plan to see Imogen Heap tonight whether it rains or not.

In other news, the Art Butcher is hosting a wing-off over Labor Day weekend:

hey everyone

it is that time of year again

time to break out the grills

break out the deep fryers

break out the ovens

and any other means

you cook hotwings

it is time for wing off three

it will be sunday

may 28th

the wings must be ready

to judge at 5:00 pm

most people cook the wings at our house

last years winner

joe the detailer

will not be competing this year

he knows he won on false pretences

and will not defend his title

the brother is scared

i tell you

but i need something from you guys

last year we had somewhere between

10-15 wing entries

and seven judges

i need more entries this year

and about the same number of judges


who wants to cook wings


they have to be chicken wings

no turducken

no tofu

chicken only

whole wings

or drummies and flaps

no legs

(this is only for the world traveling tad)

and no store bought wings

can be entered

we know what



lord of the wings

memphis best wings


jack purtles

hot wing express

hooters (the worst wings ever)

bahama breeze

and the other wing stores

look like and taste like


when i have a list of who is cooking

and who is judging

i will email you with the rules

so once again

who is cooking

who is judging

that is all.

Site Note: Someone got to this here blog by searching for "pictures of people jumping out of planets" although I am sure they were disappointed when they arrived.


dwayne said...

are you cooking or judging
i do not know if you got
the second email
i started another category
"everything else"
it is where the vegetarians
will be able to live and play

Serrabee said...

I am perfecting my bbq tofurkey.
Be patient.