Monday, May 22

My Personals Advertisement

Whenever I go to dish on a weekday, there is a hot guy with glasses sitting at the bar with one of those cool on-the-rocks type glasses they have that make it okay for a man to drink a martini. He was there one time I was there for a meeting, and I missed half of what was going on while he was there cause I was trying not to stare. The funnypart is that the first time I saw him, I had gotten the phone # of a boy who looked quite similar just a week or so before but never called because... well, I dunno why. So when I saw this manly martini drinker (who I thought was the guy whose digits I still had on a napkin at home), I called. Had a great chat on the phone, but when we met at Le Chardonnay for a cocktail, I discovered not only was the guy not who I'd thought, but that he was also a freak. Sort of. He wanted me to read the script of a film he'd made for $20 g's and wanted to market to a distributor. I told him that not only did I not want to read it, he also didn't want me to read it, as I am incredibly critical and impossibly honest (a bad combo when you're reading someone else's writing).

So I'm still looking for that guy from dish, the real one, if anyone knows him... .

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