Monday, May 29

My relaxing holiday weekend is wearing me out. I've had a great time for the past 3 days, but now I just want to spend a day being a slob (my real self, as opposed to my alter ego of a go-getter).

That reminds me---we saw X3 as I'd wanted to, and I have to disagree with the reviews and agree with the box office numbers. Biggest Memorial Day opener ever; biggest film of the year so far; biggest superhero almost-sex scene. I actually really liked it, just as well as #1 in fact. I thought it was a faithful return to the comic-book genre. I highly recommend it (and that's saying quite a lot coming from me, since I really don't like action movies much). As I said, though, it was more true to the genre and less action-flick-like.

So the rest of the weekend had to be pretty great to live up to that, and luckily it was. Friends came in from Virginia for Fri. night en route to a wedding the next day, so we all met at the old watering hole (Grisanti's) for a few drinks, and then a few of us headed back to Midtown and Bosco's. I really love that place, even if it is supremely white-bread. On Sat., a group of us had our picture taken at Sunset Symphony since we were a young, atttractive, and racially integrated group. It was mostly families---and although a lot of those are racially mixed, pictures of families only go so far in the PR world. I don't mind being used, if they want. My friends went on to Raiford's but I came straight home, showered, & went to bed before midnight. Somehow being outside makes me more tired than being in the A/C.

Last night was Memphis' Own Wingoff, with teeter-totter and wings galore. I met the hot guy who owns Deep Fried Rides, and he's even hotter in person. I also found someone to take the A/C unit that's been in my garage for the past 2 summers, and a good time was had by all. I think the teeter-totter might have broken, though. I didn't risk a ride. I had to make it to 80's night at dish to meet the gang, so I couldn't be risking it all like that. I ran into a bunch of old friends and acquaintences, plus an ex-bf to boot. He is all texting me and stuff now. Dang it. I pretty much ignored him & spent the day recuperating, relaxing, and doing laundry. All in all, it was a fab weekend. I'll be busy with similar stuff for the next few weekends, but I'm going to buckle down during the work week. Next month I hope to go camping---who's with me? I need a recommendation of spots, too.

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Len said...

I'll agree with you on X3 for the most part. I suspect that some of the bad advance buzz was fan-boys disappointed that the story didn't slavishly follow the "Dark Phoenix" story arc.

Though I'd have been more satisfied if they'd not been so-unsubtle about leaving the doors open for a sequel. If they'd just shut the doors and left the shut I'd have felt a satisfying sense of closure.