Tuesday, May 9

BSMF weekend recap: part deux

A silly title for a post about the rest of the weekend which we didn't even spend at Tom Lee Park. I doubt anyone made it down there with such crappy weather as we had Saturday. I had a few friends over to cook out, which ended up being cooked inside because of the threatening clouds. It never did rain much, but every time I considered kicking everyone out to head downtown, the rain would start to drizzle. It's a major deterrent to spending the afternoon in a mud-filled environment (you might actually have some fun getting dirty, if it's sunny & warm).

But we were having such a great time that not even the thought of mud wrestling could tempt us downtown. We started with bloody marys at about 11:30 and segued into rum & diet coke around 2:30. Suffice it to say that lunch was really, really good for chicken, potatoes and salad. Shortly after that we had to make a liquor run, and ended up experimenting with chocolate mint from my garden in the mint juleps (all you can taste is still bourbon, fyi). It was just a perfect thing to do for such a yukky day. There's not much to compete with old friends sitting around catchin up on their lives, pop culture, and other imponderables.

If there were a competition, Saturday night might be the winner. I tried to list all the places we went but it gets very hazy after we left Garcia Wells (yes, Tits McGee seems to be gone, so it's safe to go there). We ran into a guy we called Chinburn in college (I'll leave it to your dirty minds) who has come out of the closet and seemed to be very uncomfortable talking with us. Maybe he wished he'd left the closet door open when he saw us roll in. We left soon after that, crashed a graduation party/kegger and then had a sober driver come pick us up to chauffer us back to Midtown proper and Old Zinnie's Bar. We shuttled between there & the Lamplighter but my guests didn't want to stay there long (after they heard the story of a roach falling on our friend last time she was in there). The not-so-gentlemanly gentleman I ran into at OZ followed the three of us to Alex's, hunting me down like a rabbit or something, and then threatened to follow us back to my place. Eeeek!! So we three lone survivors left Alex's after our burger, thankfully before 3:30 had properly set in, and crashed out at home (alone). I woke up 5 hours later next to one of my houseguests, a decidedly better choice than That Guy (who will probably be mentioned here no more---let that be a lesson to you all: No Means No!).

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