Thursday, February 23

Why, God?

I've been listening a lot to the cable station that plays all the 80's music (the one with some cutesy name I forget) and cursing cassette tapes. Why, oh why, was the music of my youth not on vinyl but on that r-evolutionary medium? I said this weekend that I should have been a child of the 60's---this is just further proof I was born in the wrong decade. Gone, long gone, are all my lovely tapes of Love & Rockets, Chili Peppers, Robyn Hitchcock, X, U2 (except Rattle & Hum, a birthday gift because of the significance of Pride to that sacred day), Prince, Sting, Corey Hart, Midnight Oil... I could go on & on, hating technology all the while. It would suck to have to buy all the same crap over again. That's worse than depreciation, like a reverse investment or something. I thought I was buying the music but I was just buying a flimsy tape. Part of the problem is just thinking of all the shi!t I used to own and don't want to buy again. The other is that my sister & her (now) husband (then boyfriend) made me a bunch of mix tapes that I could never recreate today. Neither could they; in fact, once I asked him about a specific song from a mix he'd made me---a version of the Carpenters' "Superstar" that was really echoey and spooky, about as different from Reuben Studdard as you can get---and he claimed he'd never heard it. I now think it was Sonic Youth. Plus, then I'd probably just download it all and my system will either crash or get very obsolete very quickly. The funny thing about watching that station is that you figure out what those lyrics and titles really were (what I knew as the Psychedelic Furs' "Hardware Days" was actually "Highwire Days"---believe it or not---just as the Boomtown Rats sang "Lookin' After #1" and not "Lookin' Out for Another 1" as I thought). Also, now that I'm older and more widely read, I see lots of literary and historical allusions in titles. Not to mention more musical references now that I listen to a wider range than pop.

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