Thursday, February 9

Days of Future Past

As you all know, I'm a very forward-thinking gal, and so of course I'm already thinking about spring break---only a month away, so you can't be too prepared. I'm spending some time back in Ktown with the family, of course, which is what single people do on vacations when all their friends are married or fully employed. But each visit makes me think of the possibility of moving back there, which seems to have so many objective postives and subjective negatives that I wonder if I'm just being silly. As Carrie Bradshaw would say: I had to wonder... Is there a point where your future begins to look like your past? Seriously. Many people I know do fun stuff when they're younger but when "settle-down" time comes (whenever that may be) they go back & emulate the previous generation in the exact same crap we all said we'd never do like our parents did. Take careers, for example: we all believed we'd never work jobs we hated just for $$ reasons, and a ton of people I know do just that. I hated school for some of the same things I've hated about several places I worked: pettiness in co-workers, nonsensical and ineffective rules, paperwork/homework to fill the time, et cetera, ad infinitum. Same thing goes for the way we raise the next generation: we say "I'll never do that to my kids; I'll be different," and we end up making most of the same mistakes our parents made with a few thrown into the cocktail of psychic f-ups. Anyway, that's my little rant on why my life looks so little like that of my parents and their entire generation when they were 30. I think I want to change careers every 8 or 10 years, never settle down per se, and confound the conventional education/marriage/kids/retirement process. I was so grown-up acting as a child that now I just want to start being more & more silly as the years go on. Feel free to join me in living life backwards.


rolfy said...

Perhaps Larkin was right when he said;

They f*ck you up your mum and dad
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
and add some extra, just for you

I have found this site a helpful antidote to the day-to-day drudgery of work

...this site got me thinking that it doesn't have to be the way that everyone says it should

Hope you're well

Serrabee said...

Yachting around the world is well & good if you've got a crew (or family) but doesn't that still sort of feed into the circle of discontent? By that I mean society is still the same when you come back. I think I'll go live in the forest like I first said (someplace warm).

rolfy said...

Maybe you're right. It depends on your expectations of society. Most people have been duped by the media and are living life on auto-pilot; as you described. It's too much to change the attitudes of most folks (for me anyway) so it's easier to just dip in and out.

Serrabee said...

I think I tried to change attitudes when I was younger. Now I just live by example... not going as far as actually dropping out (the 60's version of "dipping out", I suppose).
But maybe I'm wrong & the flow of society has gone in the only acceptable direction after all.