Saturday, February 4

The Greatest and The Weirdest

Had a weird weekend somewhere between spring and winter (in that order). On Fri. night I headed to an art opening in balmy mid-Southern temps, and last night went to my local pub to watch the Tiger game (yay! we won once again)---finally feeling the February winds. In fact, my fence was repeatedly blown open yesterday as well, to the point I thought it must be someone doing it intentionally. I guess I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart (what a silly conspiracy that would have been). ML & I jointly revealed our blog names to another local blogger at the P&H Cafe, which just made me giggle. We've been communicating for months but apparently he never knew he knew us already. That sentence makes no sense, but it is true anyway. The internet makes strange bedfellowes of us all sometimes. We got tickets for the Cat Power show next weekend, and I'm going to get her new album The Greatest (recorded here in Memphis) sometime this week, I hope. I always hate buying the record after the show and wishing I'd had it all along, which is what I usually do. The weirdest thing is on teevee right now---Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. It's this bizarre time-filler they came up with to waste the afternoon away, with puppies playing on a tiny (puppy-sized) replica of a football field. It's kinda taken away my desire to watch the real bowl game.

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