Monday, February 6

This is for my homies at the joints downtown

Paul Ryburn asks why servers can't take sanctioned smoke breaks together. Maybe it makes me sound like Tha Man, but I think it's a good rule. For one thing, you don't really want all your staff on break together anyway, even if you're not busy just then. I also wouldn't want to have to walk thru a cloud of secondhand tobacco smoke to get to the front door of my dinner place. Plus I think restaurant workers have just about the highest rate of fraternity & sorority of any industry, even to the point where it becomes detrimental to their work. Who hasn't overheard too much personal information from servers over lunch at the local bistro, or been witness to a loud conversation between bartender and waiter while having a romantic dinner? I say, keep all of that in the kitchen or elsewhere out of sight. Not that I've ever worked as a server, but I've been a patron plenty o'times.


Jake McCafferty said...

I'm the "Random Blog of the Week?" Thanks ... I think. ;-)

By the way, I love Memphis.

Serrabee said...

Ooh, I think you were last week's Random Blog, but I fell behind---sorry! ;-)