Wednesday, February 15

What exactly is "full responsibility" anyway?

I'll bet that's what the President is asking after this afternoon's interview with Cheney. Ha. Seriously. Whatthehell is the point of even saying anything at this point? This was a pretty minor incident that happened SATURDAY, 4 count 'em 4 days ago. Why the silence over the weekend? We were told that White House officials wanted local authorities, or representatives of Mr. Whittington, to release the information and make the most direct statement or some such bs. What's the point of being Vice President of the most powerful nation if you can't get a few simple facts straight, and deliver them in a timely manner to the voting public? I think they were waiting for the guy to die, because how long does it really take to get a few tests to see if there's buckshot in your pericardium? Yeah, I know the doctors are pretending that some of the shot traveled through the bloodstream to arrive at the heart, but I believe that as much as I believe most of the crap doctors paid by the government tell us. Now we will likely never know what happened, because of the delay in dissemination of information and the secrecy surrounding people the VP has or (may have) shot (or had shot by a 3rd party). And Bush was once again waiting in the wings, not quite a player in the situation. He is reported to have told Cheney to handle the situation however he felt best---not exactly the definitive sentiments of a strong leader. I can't wait til 2008. (That's my new mantra.)

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