Tuesday, February 7

No longer greatest, only a memory

So, in case you haven't heard, Cat Power cancelled for the show this weekend (as well as her whole US tour, so I can't be mad as it sounds serious). But that leaves me with the ballet as a Sat. night option; not bad, but not very rock'n'roll, either. My hope all rests with the Son Volt show at Newby's tomorrow nite. I'm sure Jay Farrar won't let me down. ps Here is my radio blog and another one which is, I must admit, better. Give 'em a listen if you don't have cubicle neighbors who'd be annoyed. I love Cat Power's version of Wonderwall---that's one of those songs I never liked by the original artist, and I find myself liking every re-make I've every heard. Ryan Adams', this one, and of course the Mike Flowers Pops was tops.

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