Wednesday, February 1

Here we are now, entertain us

I just liked that title cause I feel stupid and contagious right now. Ha. Sorry, I'm a little thin on the humor. I think this is what happens to my head when I sneeze --- or it feels like it's happening. Yes, a blog about my infectious disease is a bore; sorry, dolls. I just can't face the State of the Union address or the fact that Justice Alito will be around for the rest of my consciousness or the thought of yet another Hollywood award show coming up and all the gay cowboy gorilla controversy it will all bring. I'm so very tired at the thought of it all. Sorry, gang, but I'm off to better clue-hunting pastures until next time. I have to recover or this g*dd@mn cold is going to be the death of me. Seriously.


ml said...

Gay cowboy gorilla controversy .... is the gorilla gay too? He didn't get nominated though, only the gay cowboys.

Serrabee said...

My mistake; I was thinking of the spoof on The Soup (often watching it is even better than the real thing). On there, the gorillas were gay cowboys. And then geishas were gorillas, too. (Trust me---you'd laugh if you saw it!)