Monday, February 27


Four jobs I’ve had: store buyer; event coordinator; obit writer; bookstore manager/barista

Four movies I could watch over & over: The Godfather 1 & 2; Better Off Dead; Heathers; Fight Club. Or not. I hate watching the same movies over & over.

Four places I’ve lived: Only have 3: Midtown Memphis, Knoxville, TN, and Ames, Iowa.

UPDATE--per Shae: Four fiction books I can't live without: Too close to call; I love fiction. Esp. Haruki Murakami, Nick Hornby, Jane Austen & John Irving. I could go on & on, though....

Four non-fiction books I consider essential: Connected by Shaviro; Linked by Barabasi; Breaking the News by Fallows; and Evidence of Harm by Kirby.

Four TV shows I love to watch: Gray’s Anatomy, General Hospital, How Do I Look? and Charmed. (Well, that was embarrassing!) Four places I’ve been on vacation: Last four in reverse chronological order: Harrisonburg, VA; Las Vegas, NV; Washington D.C; and Cancun.

Four websites I visit daily: Times Online; The Onion; New York Times; myspace (yes, that is lame) Four of my favorite foods: hot wings... Big Ed's pizza... Bosco's seared tuna salad... and a dirty vodka martini (it has olives, right?) Four places I’d rather be: on the beach in Southern Cali; travelling; the Wilco show next month; at an art museum Four albums I can’t live without: As of this moment (I hate to commit to this one) they are: Harlan T. Bobo's Too Much Love; Wilco's Being There; Imogen Heap's Speak for Yourself; and The Best of Velvet Underground.

Four bloggers to pass it on to: mL; Paul; Shae; and PN. Pass if you've already done it & I just missed it.


Shae said...

Not a big fiction fan? :)

Olives should totally count, btw.

Serrabee said...

NO, I'm a big fiction fan, I just wimp out on choosing any favorites. I literally blanked!