Tuesday, October 25

Why I love Midtown Memphis

I love walking through my neighborhood regularly:
  1. When I walk the dog, I seem to cross paths with this one young transvestite often. Wearing pants, which you don't see every day (think about it!). Very Midtown.
  2. Today I saw what I thought was a kid peeking through the fence to her neighbor's yard. It was not. It was a mannequin someone had put facing into the neighbor's yard. I don't know how long it had been there, cause I had an unobstructed view for the first time in many months, due to the falling leaves. Creepy! But so Midtown.
  3. I love that my neighbors always stop me, either to ask if I still live here (uh, why else would I be walking around the neighborhood?), or to ask if I still live alone. We're close, we're just not that close. I wouldn't want them all in my business, anyway! (More than they already seem to be, that is....)
  4. It is such a luxury to have a fabulous place to walk the dog without driving to the park. If Max gets dirty, so be it---I don't have to drive him home after every walk. Suck on that, Germantown---you don't even get sidewalks!

1 comment:

dwayne said...

what i love about midtown memphis
are the cat and raccoon fights
and the cats always win
i love walking past the schizo (sp)
you know the one
the guy that walks around
holding one eye open
as he scratches his lotto card
with a penny