Saturday, October 22

Things I'd be doing were it not for the Great Pumpkin Carving of 2005

That is, I'm hosting a little jack'o'lantern festivity on Sunday, which will be my fun time for the weekend. I can't see squeezing the homecoming game in this afternoon, as much as I want to. I'd love to go see a movie, too, if I had the time.... Apparently Rotten Tomatoes liked Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Like I said, how can you go wrong? It looks like Capote is good, too, according to the brains at the Washington Post. I will have to see it later, I s'pose. First things first! I can pretend I'd be washing my car or doing the yardwork I need to do if I weren't having people over---but it's not true, and y'all know that. The only time I can get that productive is when I have 21 million things to do & housework becomes my method of procrastination.

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