Sunday, October 2

A bad day for Rob Thomas

He is playing at Mud Island the Fri. night of Voodoo Fest---so sad for him that no one will go to his stupid show. Not that I don't like his music; he just bugs me for some reason. I think it was the black nail polish phase that started it, and hearing his voice sounding exactly the same on every overplayed song on the radio finished it off. I have pretty much quit listening to local stations now, and I think my life is much better for it. Heard that the Fighters of Foo will not be honoring us with their presence after all. I was so looking forward to them! They're the sort of band I probably wouldn't go see just for them, and this was going to be my opportunity. Neither is Joss Stone, who I did see at BSMF... um, 2004ish? and she was really good live. Rats. On the positive, Queens of the Stone Age, Billy Idol, and others will still be there. And anyway, it's bound to be a fun weekend anyway. This weekend is the King Biscuit Fest, which they have annoyingly changed the name for. I will look it up later & get back to you on the details, but for now I must go get some work done.

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