Sunday, October 30

Is there anybody in here?

I feel like I'm the only person blogging about anything other than politics lately. I know it's largely a function of the fact that all my blog buds are incommunicado, 'cept a couple of y'all, and that I don't have a lot of time to surf. But I feel like most blogs are either regurgitations of one another in one big circular vomitorium. Eww, grossed myself out. Now I know I am often a fellow regurgitator---don't get me wrong. But I count on the blogosphere to keep me up to date on crap besides Harriet Miers and David Brooks (that's what the Daily Show is for, y'all). And you are falling down on the job! I fear the quality of content here at the RnR Planet is suffering. No wonder all my visitors come looking for pics of The Editors and Tommy Lee (who happens to look like an old boyfriend of mine.) Sad. So here are some important points I've been thinking about lately on the topic of friendships:
  • Do you have friends you keep important things from, just because you don't want to make them feel badly about themselves? Not like, you don't tell them you've always hated their hair. Like, you don't tell them you kinda think they're not intelligent... I had a friend tell me she didn't think the Daily Show was funny but she laughs out loud at Mind of Mencia. I wanted to say, well, of course, cause you're not smart you couldn't possibly 'get' Jon Stewart's humor.
Which leads to my next question:
  • Can you be friends with people you have absolutely nothing in common with? There are people you met randomly with whom you share no real interests---are those realy friends? My best friends are those I've been through the worst times with, so why do I make the effort with people I'm essentially so different from?
  • You know how your oldest friends are your dearest ones? Good theory, but the problem is this: They know you best. Seriously---you've told them all your stories, that is the ones they weren't there to share, and you don't have much to talk about in the way of deeper issues. They know your views already; honestly, sometimes I feel like we know each other so well it's pointless to talk.
  • What do you do when your friend tells you s/he's marrying someone you think is a total loser? Or at least, not the right fit for your friend? Do you have a moral obligation to express your opinion, or is it your job as a friend to shut up & say "congratulations!!!"?

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