Friday, October 21

Daily News Updates

Death by Blog (by Serrabee) TNF is back on the scene, but who knows if it will last. Halloween Parties. Voodoo Music Sun. Night. How will anyone choose what to do next weekend?


Len said...

Don't know much about the alternative lifestyle, do you?

Basically, most swingers are married couples who are looking for a third woman for a FFM threesome (and the rest are looking for a second couple to swap partners with). According to my sources (i.e., a number of years hanging out on the* USENET newsgroups, as well as what my clients would tell me back in my legal career (don't ask...)), very few swinger couples are going to take on a single man for fun and games. Hence the "discriminatory" fee schedule. Actually, I'm surprised that Discretions is even allowing single men to attend; from what I've heard most swingers clubs don't allow single men to join or to attend events at the club at all (except as the invited guest of a member).

On the other hand, if you've really got a hankering to go to Discretions' Halloween party I'm sure you'll be welcomed with open arms (and legs), even if you're a single woman (which, I get the impression from reading here, you are).


Serrabee said...

I am so, so disturbed that you know all this. And ick to your last comments, Len!

Len said...

Be grateful that you didn't go to law school. A legal career requires that you wallow in the filth and perversion of humanity, which is how I come to know these things.

And I apologize for the comments which made you go "ick".