Friday, October 7


Wow, was it a beautiful day today, with all white puffy clouds and stuff. I didn't go into work at all but instead spent the day doing yardwork, plus (finally!) washing & waxing my car. Isn't it funny how soon a new car becomes an old car these days? I mean, when I first got this car---my first new car, ever---I washed it all the time, kept it pretty clean, cried when I got a dent in the side, alla that stuff. Now it is 3 years old and I haven't waxed it sinced last year, and I only ever run it through the car wash, never hand-washing it. And I switched to Gain, and washed my comforter in it this week. (Seems like a non-sequitur, but I was going back to the beautiful day thing.) When I was growing up, my family always used no-additives Tide like it was religious practice. Frankly my dear, I love the additives. Scent, softener, bring it on. It's lovely to be a grown-up, in some ways. I always wanted a window seat growing up, too, and now I have one (got it about 12 or 15 years after I originally desired it, but who's counting?). Except when I sit in it I always wish it had a cushion; maybe in 12 years or so I'll get one!

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