Wednesday, October 12

I know you miss me blind

What was that song all about, anywayz? Bet you got a good gun Bet you know how To have some fun And then You turn it around on me Because I’m better Than the rest of the men I sure don't remember that verse---I probably just mumbled thru it to get to the chorus at the middle-school dances. At least I'm not like Paul, who heard "I know Bill Bixby's mine" instead. So it's officially fall, folks, and I've missed most of the rites (like King Biscuit---yeah, I know I said I was going, but life gets in the way. I had company all weekend). Hopefully my trip to Virginia this weekend will bring me closer to the fall colors we're missing here. I will bring photos & tell you all about it. Sorry such a crappy post in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

Inflected forms: pl. sons of guns
1. Informal A person; a fellow: That son of a gun knows how to sell cars and sell them well. 2. A rascal; a scamp: That son of gun is always playing practical jokes.

Used to express annoyance, disappointment, or surprise.

young gun: risk-takers

mostlikely in this song and in british slang, its a sexual reference.

i think the basis of this song is saying ' if you leave me, u'll miss me. im the best'

think about it! :-)

Serrabee said...

I really think it's a sexual metaphor, with guns and their use being veiled references to homoerotica.
But that's just me ;-)